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Menstruation is the physiological changes that occur in a woman’s body on a regular basis and are influenced by reproductive hormones. This period is important in terms of reproduction. In humans, this usually occurs every month between puberty menopause.
          In women, the menstrual cycle occurs in average about 28 days, although it is generally accepted, but not all women have the same menstrual cycle. Sometimes the cycle occurs every 21 days to 30 days. Usually an average of five days of menstruation occurs, sometimes menstruation can also occur about 2-7 days. Generally it is caused by menstrual blood loss 10 up to 80 mL per day but usually an average 35 mL per day. The length of the menstrual cycle is calculated from the 1st day which is counted until the last day in one day before menstrual bleeding in the next month.
          The menstrual cycle is devided 4 phases. The 1st phase of the menstrual period, and the issuance slumped body of the uterus wall. This is due to decreased levels if sex hormones that gradually occurs on 1 through 7 days. 2nd , preovulatory phase the formation and maturation of ova in ovary that is triggered by the increasing levels of estrogen in the body. It occurs gradually at day 7-13. The 3rd phase of ovulation or the fertile period is usually called the release a mature egg from the ovary or when the cycle time, it will happen on day 14 after the events of menstruation. The 4th stage is the phase pasca ovulasi or a phase in which no reduction occurs when the fertilized ovum. At this stage, there is increasing production of progesterone so that the endometrium becomes thicker and is ready to receive the embryo developed. If fertilization doesn’t occur, then the sex hormones in the body will occur again the menstrual phase.
          During menstruation, menstrual cramping pain due to come often. Can only vaguely or very painful. The condition in medical terms is called dysmenorrhea usually occurs in the stomach. For reducing pain during menstruation, it’s better to drink warm water to increase blood flow to the pelvis area.

Name : Rima Tri Maylani
Class  : XII Science 1

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